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Band Members

Tom - Geetars/Vocals
Von - Basses/ Screams
Dog - Drum Beats From Hell

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"Steel Trees tread in the musical footsteps of some great bands… Taking inspiration from sixties Hendrix, Zeppelin and Sabbath of the seventies and countless post-punk bands of the present day makes the noise they make really difficult to date.
In the same way that Queens of the Stone Age and Dinosaur jr manage to glue these genres together, Steel Trees span an amazing number of styles whilst firmly stamping it with a Northern Steel Trees “Fuck You!”

Steel Trees sound like....

Eric Clapton held at knifepoint by Black Flag on the stage of a working men's club somewhere up north. He's been funnel fed a skipfull of the local speed and is now being forced to perform "Tears in Heaven" in the style of post "N" word Grohl being roasted straight-faced by Lemmy and J. Mascis. An unholy image. Steel Trees are down at the front headbanging. Courtesy of A.Bosworth

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