Posted on Wednesday, 11 July 2012

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From the Gunk-spewing Sheffield three-piece Steel Trees comes Dirty Fuzz Records; a new independent label with more fuzz than your old dear’s top lip.

From the acid-soaked brain of the Steel Trees monster comes Dirty Fuzz Records, a new independent label for those who aren’t afraid to groove to a twisted beat.

Bringing you the best of British fuzz rock, including; future Steel Trees singles and albums, limited edition releases, exclusive download packages, and a free fuzz compilation to be released later in the year.

SO! If you didn't already know, this is an independent label we set up to release our records! check it out - Dirty Fuzz Records

As well as our own stuff we want to get a bunch of dirty fuzz bands together on a free compilation to be released later in the year.
Send tracks to tom[at]steeltrees[dot]co[dot]uk if you want to get involved!




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